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Import and Export Citrix Policies for XenDesktop/XenApp 7+

If for some reason you need to save all the Citrix polices of…

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How to easily configure your MacBook keyboard in VMware Fusion (mapping)

No doubt about it, MacBook is a great laptop. However and even…

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Display all apps by default on Citrix StoreFront

In the Citrix Web Interface, all published apps are automatically displayed on…

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Create a drop down menu in StoreFront 2.1 to select domain

By default, StoreFront doesn't enable administrators to make a drop-down menu for…

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DELL Latitude E7440, Quick review

I recently have the opportunity to try the new Latitude E7440. My…

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Lenovo T440p Review

Since a few days, I received my new laptop. As my previous…

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Connecting to a Windows Azure VM in Remote PowerShell

Accessing to you virtual machine is easy when you just need a…

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Change keyboard layout in one command

If you work on several virtual machines... You might be interested by…

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Uninstall or Desactivate SkyDrive in Windows 8.1

If like many others, you upgraded to Windows 8.1, you might encounter…

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