Change keyboard layout in one command


If you work on several virtual machines… You might be interested by this tip.

Sometimes, you are not responsible for the languages used on your virtual machines. And,what could be more annoying than a keyboard layout that is not correctly configured with you true keyboard…

In my case, virtual machines are in most cases in English (OS language) but I always uses a French AZERTY keyboard.

So, yes… you can go in the Control Panel, then Regional Options, then Languages options dialog box… etc. You can check the full procedure by following this link. 🙁

Or you can just type the following CmdLet in your PowerShell prompt 🙂 :

Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList fr-FR

Modifier Layout Clavier

To move back to a Qwerty layout, you can use the following codes depanding on your keyboard configuration:

  • en-CA (Qwerty Canadien)
  • en-US (United States)
  • fr-FR (clavier standard français)