DELL Latitude E7440, Quick review


I recently have the opportunity to try the new Latitude E7440. My first touchscreen PC since the release of Windows 8/8.1.

Quick overview

For the records, this computer is my professinal computer that my company provides me. Previously, I had the Latitude E6430.

The E7440 has the following features (for the version I get) :

  • 3 USB ports (2 USB3 ports and 1 USB2 port that enable charging devices even if the computer is not started)
  • 1 HDMI and Ethernet connector
  • No more VGA ou DVI, you wil get a mini display port (and need an adapter)
  • 1 audio jack
  • 1 Wifi button
  • 1 SD slot
  • Blacklight keyboard
  • 14 inches screen
  • Full HD screen resolution (1920×1080)

Regarding the keyboard, for me it’s the AZERTY version, as you will see on photos, you get both trackpad and trackpoint that are always appreciated by professional users.


Quick review

  • Always an important point for me… The computer is really silent by default when you do some classical or office jobs : web browsing, developing, MS Office… However, when I need to launch several virtual machines, the laptop makes much noise than the previous E6430. The reason is simple, this new version is thinner and heats up faster. Not a problem in an open-space, but alone you will hear the fans.
  • Top of the PC is really beautiful, nice finish and design
  • Thinner and lighter (big advantage if you move a lot)
  • Evenn the power supply is really small and light. In fact, it’s the smaller (official) power supply I get. Lenovo or Apple ones are heavier and bigger.
  • Touchscreen : first touchscreen for me. At the beginning, I thought it was not essential… and… it stil 😉 But, in some cases, I have to admit that touchscreen can be really helpfull and pleasant to use (…).
  • Full HD screen resolution but as all the touchscreens… the screen of the E7440 is glossy. So it’s really messy and grabs all dust or fingerprints. For now, I get no problem about the reflection problem on glossy screens.


To sum up

The Dell Latitude E7440 is really a great computer. It’s thinner and lighter but always powerfull.

How to upgrade RAM and/or hard drive

The upgrade of the RAM or hard drive is really easy on the E7440.

First, turn back your computer and remove the battery. Then, remove the 2 following screws to remove the rear panel.

Large Unopened

Depending on your configuration and what version of the E7440 you bought, you may not have the same components. I get the Core i7 version with touchscreen PC and SSD hard drive.

So, first you disconnect the hard drive connector and then you remove the 4 screws that maintain the mSata hard drive in place.

You also remove the 2 screws that hold together the « socle » and the mSata chipset (that convert the mSata into a 2,5 » hard drive).


After that, you can connect the mSata hard drive on the position 2 on the following picture. And finally, you can add another 2,5 » hard drive at the position 1.

With this type of configuraiton, the « socle » that convert the mSata into a 2,5 » hard drive is no longer used.

Large Opened 2

Don’t know why the mSata is not directly connected on the second position. But, here we go, we have no 2 hard drives. 🙂

Besides, you can also upgrade the RAM (see the lightblue square) on the following picture.

You can now close back the laptop. Be careful about the computer cables and sondes… You will need to put it somewhere that won’t prevent you from closing the laptop. Personnaly, I used sctoch tape that was already in my laptop (on the mSata, I don’t know why) to maintain the cables.

ZoomMore photos by following this Flickr link.

Let me know, if you have specific questions 🙂