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English people are most welcomed on my website. However, please understand that English is not my native language. So, even if I’m trying my best, you may find some mistakes or some stuff that could be badly written. If so, please feel free to drop me a message in the comments or even by email directly.

Otherwise, let me explain how it works. I don’t have a mirrored website that could be the same in English or in French. My website is mainly written for french readers. However, I’m doing more articles directly in English also to improve myself. This way of working will explain that the biggest part of articles will be written in french and sometimes I’m doing the English version – but it’s not always the case!

You will find all my English posts in the below section. 🙂

My posts in English

Classify and locate important documents

In a previous article, I showed you how to use a PowerShell…

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Execute a PowerShell script in Varonis DatAlert

Varonis modules count several solutions such as DatAdvantage (heart of the product)…

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Auto start and shutdown a VM in Azure to improve cost management

When you want to use cloud computing solutions from AWS, Azure, Google…

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Change the Windows Session Display Language with AppSense

I’m currently working for a customer who has built a Citrix XenApp…

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Force the translation of Office 2013 with AppSense in Citrix shared infrastructure

I'm currently working for a customer who has built a Citrix XenApp…

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Clean-up MIM History in PowerShell

By default, you can see status of previous Management Agents executions in the…

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Microsoft Identity Management 2016 : no-start-ma when trying to Export (with Exchange provisioning)

Recently, I had to used Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 for a customer…

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Get the list of Management Agent available in MIM and their execution history in PowerShell

Microsoft Identity Management (MIM 2016) is the new name for Forefront Identity Manager (FIM).…

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Improve loading speed of the Web Interface login page

Have you ever noticed that sometimes Web Interface had some difficulties to…

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