Lenovo T440p Review


Since a few days, I received my new laptop. As my previous T430, my new T440p is always a Lenovo computer. I was really happy by the previous model so it was normal for me to upgrade. In this short article, I will review some positives and negatives points that I observed on this new Lenovo ThinkPad T440p. And you 

First of all, this new laptop gives really a good impression. It’s really well finished. As the most Lenovo models, you can personalize it depending on your needs. You can get a blacklight keyboard, full HD screen, fingerprint reader or a larger battery of 9 cells. Regarding of the processor, you can get Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 and by the ways it’s the fourth new generation of Intel CPU. By default, you will have Intel HD Graphics but you can also upgrade to get additional NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M 1GB. And as all ThinkPad, you will get by default 3 years of warranty.


Some good points 🙂

Personally, I really like the design and the materials which have been used to build the T440p.  It’s not Apple design but it’s really pro, discrete and seems always to be solid (as T-Model of Lenovo).

The size is perfect for me. By the past, I tried every sizes of laptops. My first computer was a 17 »… To heavy to be transportable, so I try after a time a 12 » screen. This time, the computer was really light but the screen was also really too small to work a day on it (without a second screen). Today, I believe the perfect size is between 13 and 14 inches. For the rest, you just have to choose carefully your screen resolution. To sum up, the Lenovo T440p is really comfortable to work a day and it’s not really heavy (2kg depending on your configuration).

It’s a laptop but you could have some good configuration with a good CPU or RAM extension. In my case, I choose SSD hard drive (Samsung 840 Pro) and a RAM extension that I bought at Crucial.com. I removed by myself the 2 components that was sold with my computer and put my upgrades. Another stronger point of Lenovo, you can easily personalize your computer without stopping the warranty. Really don’t understand why DELL stopping from creating customized computers for personal users.


One my major worry was the noise, my previous T430 was known as a problem model concerning the noise and the fan which always launches itself. In the past, I solved the problem by upgrading my Bios and used TCPFan. But it’s a shame to use a software to manage fan. With my new T440p, and after a week of use, I have no problem of fan or noise. The computer is really quiet. Actually, in most cases the fan is at 0. Even when I create a lot of virtual machines, the fan move to state 3 or 4 but did not see the T440p to state 7 for now (maybe in 3D cases). So, it’s a good point too !


The screen is really, really comfortable. Clear and precise. However, be careful, if you want a touchscreen, the T440p is not for you ! I believe this option will come in a future release of the T440p but for now it’s not even an option.

The keyboard is always perfect. I did not checked all the Lenovo models but I believe it’s the same keyboard. No more description needed. It’s just a powerful and comfortable keyboard and I choose obviously the blacklight keyboard. 🙂


Finally, one of the most important point for me… The new trackpad ! The trackpad on the previous ThinkPad was not really effective. Maybe because people used trackpoint ? I don’t know. On my T430, it was too small, not pleasant to use and with no smart functions. I always need to use an external mouse. This new trackpad is better in any way. Smart functions, larger, good finishing. However, for me and for now, the best trackpad will remain the one in Apple MacBook but this new version is really good ! 😉


Now it’s time for negative points. There has always 🙁

First of all, the keyboard has one negative point. The F-keys are now by default « Multimedia » keys. Meaning that when I press F1, F2… It will mute or decrease volume but not open the help in Windows (as F1 do normally for example). It’s not really a problem because you can go back to the original behavior by pressing « FN + ESC » to come back to F1, F2, F3 etc. But, at the beginning, it can be frustrating, so keep in mind this point.

When the T440p was announced, some people were unhappy with the disappearance of the wifi, hard drive lights. Personally, I don’t mind but I believe a light on the CapsLock button would be a minimum. Same observation concerning the charging light… no more light to know if you laptop is charging, charged or run-out of battery. It doesn’t bother me, but I believe it’s important to mention it as negative point.

To finish, I don’t like the 9-cells battery but on Lenovo WebStore in France, we have no choice with the 6-cells battery (with the third configuration). So, my battery is always visible at the bottom of the computer. Useless for me because I always use this laptop near a power outlet.

To finish, you can check some photos on this new T440p on my Flick page. If you have question or hesitate on this new model, please feel free to ask (or share your experience) 🙂  !