Create a drop down menu in StoreFront 2.1 to select domain



By default, StoreFront doesn’t enable administrators to make a drop down menu for selecting their Active Directory domain.

In the old Web Interface, you had an option dedicated to do this but in StoreFront, nothing !


In fact, it’s always possible, it’s just an hidden parameter since StoreFront 1.2 (at least).

First, you have to launch Citrix StoreFront management console, in the node Authentication, click on Configured Trusted Domains.

Define your domains and optionnaly a default domain.


Modify the following file : C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\Authentication\web.config.

Look for the parameter called hideDomainField, change the parameter from true to false.

If you try to modify the file without stopping IIS, you will need to launch you text editor with Administrator privileges.

Refresh the page… and voilà !


Users can now select their domain ! 🙂