Import and Export Citrix Policies for XenDesktop/XenApp 7+


If for some reason you need to save all the Citrix polices of your new XenApp or XenDesktop Site quickly, you can do it thanks to PowerShell with the 2 following commands.

First, import the Citrix CmdLet:

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*

Then, to export the policies by doing the following :

Export-BrokerDesktopPolicy | Out-File -FilePath C:\Policies_Export.txt


Adapt the path and filename as you like.

Now, if you would like to import back or copy your policies configuration to another Delivery Controller, you can use the following command with previous text file :

Import-BrokerDesktopPolicy (Get-Content C:\Policies_Export.txt)

The policy file will be a binary file (so it won’t be human readable).

Also note, that the name and the description of your policy settings will also be copied. Depanding on your configuration or project, you may want to change this. To do so, just double-click on the newly imported policy to modify name and description.


Original source: CTX136646.

Compatible with XenApp and XenDesktop 7+.