Get the list of Management Agent availables in MIM and their execution history in PowerShell


Microsoft Identity Management (MIM 2016) is the new name for Forefront Identity Manager (FIM).

It’s the Microsoft on-premise solution for the identity and access management in companies. It will enable you to :

  • Synchronize identities between directories, databases and applications,
  • Self-service password, group and certificate management,
  • Increase admin security with policies, privileged access and roles.

I’m currently working on this for a customer’s project and I had to make some PowerShell scripts in order to automate and schedule the launch of the different Management Agents and I think you may be interested by the following commands (that help me a lot):

get-wmiobject -class "MIIS_ManagementAgent" -namespace "root\MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer" -computername $MIMComputer | where {$_.Type -eq 'Active Directory'}

The above command will give you the list of the different Management Agents that are currently availables in your MIM setup. The where part is not mandatory depending on what you are trying to synchronize in MIM (if needed, you can remove it).

And the below command will give you all the history of Management Agents’ execution.

get-wmiobject -Class 'MIIS_RunHistory' -namespace “root\MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer”