Impossible to install Lenovo System Center on Windows 8.1


If you have a Lenovo System, and upgraded it to Windows 8.1, you might encounter some difficulties to install “Lenovo System Update” on your computer.

Indeed, when you try to install the executable, you get stuck in the installation on the “Lenovo license Agreement” step. The “Next” button seems to be clickable but do nothing when you click on it !

Don’t know if it’s a Lenovo problem or Windows 8.1 problem. But, here is the solution, install the application in silent mode.

  • Open a command prompt (Windows + R then “cmd” then Enter) ;
  • Go to the directory where installer is located ;
  • Launch the following command :
systemupdate502-06-07-2013.exe /s /a /v"/qn"

It will install Lenovo System Update silently. You will get no popup and Windows won’t ask you something.
Wait a few seconds/minutes and you can now make a search in you computer to find “Lenovo System update” tool.

Original solution and credits to this blog –  Thank you guy ! If you prefer in English, the solution has been also published on the Lenovo board 🙂 !